Make more money with more philosophy

Profit and philosophy aren’t at odds with one another. In fact, the more philosophically-positioned your credit union, the more income it will make. Guaranteed.

Your credit union has to be focused on the traditional bottom line of income, so chasing a “double bottom line” of income and member impact can be daunting. But what if one naturally causes the other? It’s proven that the most successful credit unions are those attuned to the double bottom line, driving revenue and providing working-class people with products and services that help them reach the next rung on the ladder of financial success.

Philosophy Day on Aug. 28, which will be anything but a “passive learning” experience, is completely focused on maximizing your credit union’s double bottom line of income and sustained impact. Get ready for a day of hands-on work, armed with custom analysis and information for your specific credit union and community. Are you ready to return to your credit union new product and service concepts in hand, ready to start implementing? You’ll spend the day incubating products and services directly relevant to your credit union and enhancing that double bottom line.

No matter where your credit union is on the spectrum of “thinking philosophically” when it comes to its products and services, there’s always room for the next step forward. Be a part of the 2018 Philosophy Day, a next-level product incubator experience; register today.

When: Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2018 | 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Where: BMI Federal Credit Union | 6165 Emerald Parkway, Dublin, OH 43016

$109/person* (in honor of the number of years since the first U.S. credit union was founded)

  • Registration is complimentary for any CU Outreach Alliance Steering Committee members as part of their League-supported annual training.
  • Event proceeds will benefit the America’s Credit Union Museum, housed in the building where the first U.S. credit union was founded.



If you’re traveling from afar and plan to arrive the night before, the following are some hotels near the event location and convenient to the highway.

Staybridge Suites Columbus-Dublin | 6095 Emerald Parkway, Dublin, OH | (877) 238-8889

Holiday Inn Express Columbus-Dublin | 5500 Tuttle Crossing Blvd., Dublin, OH | (888) 465-4329

Agenda & Impact

Welcome & Introduction of Facilitators
We’re so glad you’re here and we want you to know the folks sparking the days work.

Philosophy Re-ignition
Fan the flames of your familiarity and thinking regarding the credit union difference for the day’s work.

Identifying Your Community’s Needs
Sure, you know your community. But when was the last time you were able to do an in-depth analysis? One specific to your credit union’s community will be handed to you, so you can hit the ground running in finding opportunities within it.


Philosophically-Driven Financials
Have you ever looked at your credit union’s financials through a philosophical lens? You will today and it will help you spot fresh opportunities for income and impact.

Philosophy In Action: Product Design
Time to put together opportunity and business model to start crafting products and services that will serve the double bottom line.


Philosophy In Action: Partnership Development
Now that you have drafted the architecture for some great products and services, let’s explore partners in your community that can help you launch them to your target audience


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