3rd Annual Clay Classic

Agenda Sponsors Teams

When: Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018 | 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Where: Black Wing Shooting Center3722 Marysville Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015

Like credit unions, the Foundation believes in changing the world for the better. Shooters of the 3rd annual Ohio Credit Union Foundation Clay Classic are helping provide the funds to do so. Participation in the Clay Classic adds significant horsepower to the Foundation’s ability to fuel credit union’s ideas for reaching and helping more and more people.

This sporting clays event is basically “golf with a shotgun.” In addition to networking, the Clay Classic includes 10 target stations; gun rental, ammo, and targets; safety equipment; team shooting instructor; access to the outdoor practice range and inside pistol range; hog roast at noon; and a contribution to the Foundation for a $150-per-shooter or $700-per-fivesome registration fee. No experience is necessary!


9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Registration/Breakfast sponsored by CRIF Select Ohio

9:00 – 12:30 a.m. Side Games Begin
Side games are sponsored by CUNA Mutual Group, Mortgage Center, and OCUL Services Corporation. Tickets for the three side games are sold at the registration table, or through your online registration, for $10. A winner from each side game will receive a $100 VISA gift card. Winners will be announced at happy hour.

  • Practice in the Pavilion: Sponsored by OCUL Services Corporation, will take place in the outdoor covered pavilion. Each person will be provided with guns, ammo, and targets. Each participant will have 10 shots, each shot will be graded. At the end of the day, the highest grade wins.
  • Pistol Poker: Sponsored by Mortgage Center, will take place in the indoor range at the front of the merchandise store. Each person will get five shots at a 52-card target. The best overall hand wins.
  • Long Bird ChallengeSponsored by CUNA Mutual Group, takes place on the sporting clays course. When you arrive at this station, participants will get two tries to break the hardest target on the course. Anyone who hits the target will be entered into a drawing for the day’s prize.

11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Hog Roast and Program sponsored by Corporate One FCU

1:00 – 1:15 p.m. Safety Briefing

1:15 p.m. Teams released to their starting stations

1:30 p.m. Shotgun start

3:30 – 4:30 p.m. Happy Hour (once all guns are put away)






Paul Mercer Ohio Credit Union League
Dan Sutton Kemba CU
Kristyn Dix Kemba CU
Dave Gschwind Kemba CU
Toby Thomas Corporate One FCU

Mike Abernathy Buckeye State CU
Brad Riley Buckeye State CU
Dan Perry Buckeye State CU
Deana Allen Buckeye State CU
Jeremy Husted Buckeye State CU

Steve Pflugh CSE FCU
Garret Cox CSE FCU
Amie  Jones CSE FCU
Jeannie Fye CSE FCU
Stan Barnes CSE FCU

Josh Pridon Ohio Credit Union League
Dylan Lauck TopMark FCU
Angie Maynard TopMark FCU
Randi Hengstler TopMark FCU
Michael Christensen K4 Architecture LLC

Ryan Ambrose Kemba Financial CU
Kevin Mulder Kemba Financial CU
Derek Sears Kemba Financial CU
Jeff Ortman Kemba Financial CU
Marco Capalino Kemba Financial CU

Courtney Heimberger Ohio Credit Union League
Richard Dines Credit Union National Association
Lindsay McFlea Cincinnati Ohio Police FCU
Bryan Boyko North Coast CU
Kathy Menditto Buckeye State CU

Jason Hall TrueCore FCU
Tyler Crall TrueCore FCU
Mick Dunlap TrueCore FCU
Jocelyn Hartshorn TrueCore FCU
Shaun Spencer OCUL Services Corporation

Adam  Kearns OCUL Services Corporation
Jay Young TrueCore FCU
Leslie Poole MD/DC Credit Union Association
Cassidy Cochrum Ohio HealthCare FCU
Brian Little CUNA Mutual Group

Kenn Rospert Firelands FCU
Roland Tkach Firelands FCU
Dane Fox Firelands FCU
Ken Landoll Firelands FCU
Gary Ebinger Firelands FCU

Kim Pollard DayMet CU
Mike Rogers DayMet CU
Zach Clark DayMet CU
Richard Long DayMet CU
Steven Shore DayMet CU

Linda Carpenter Dover-Phila FCU
Susan Ford Dover-Phila FCU
Wynonna Fulton Dover-Phila FCU
Carol Haglock Dover-Phila FCU
Shana Simmons Dover-Phila FCU

Doug Williams Millstream Area CU
Joshua Reams Millstream Area CU
Brody Yingling Millstream Area CU
Eric Warren Millstream Area CU
Anthony Reams Millstream Area CU

Colleen Fite Sharefax CU
Becky Jester Sharefax CU
Carl Fite Sharefax CU
Lara Cooper Sharefax CU
John Lucas K4 Architecture LLC

Kurt Loose ASI/ESI
David Kettlehake ASI/ESI
Zachary Moreland DayMet CU
Mike Davis IH CU
Ethan Rhinehart Accolade Advisory Services
Phil Lucas Accolade Advisory Services

Joe Stehlik State Highway Patrol FCU
Chris Colbert State Highway Patrol FCU
Bobby Hilderbrandt State Highway Patrol FCU
Jim Boysel State Highway Patrol FCU
Rich Milstead State Highway Patrol FCU

Lance Himes TrueCore FCU
Shani Smith-Reed TrueCore FCU
Glenn Libby TrueCore FCU
Jeff Kreager TrueCore FCU
Brian Reed TrueCore FCU

Steve Muterspaw Trinity Debt Management
Aristotle Hutras Credit Union of Ohio
Jill Gerschutz Credit Union of Ohio
William Costello Carlisle Law
Billy Schlekie Carlisle Law

Miriah Lee Ohio Credit Union League
Cory Fleming Ohio Credit Union League
Joe Hutson Kemba CU
Jim Tebbutt KEMBA Financial CU
Brandon Allen Wright-Patt CU

John Lucas K4 Architecture LLC
Mike Baker ATM Solutions
Mitchell J. Fallis VacationLand FCU
Daniel Bradshaw Marion Community CU
Matt Rhodes LSC

Sue Grundey Bridge CU
Mike McColeman Bridge CU
Julie Ray Bridge CU
Aaron Rouse Accolade Advisory Services
Brian Steinhausser Accolade Advisory Services

Randy Fruth Midwest Community FCU
Foyle Solether Midwest Community FCU
Bob Fludine Woodside Mortgage
Dave Godek Woodside Mortgage
Charles Harkness Corporate One FCU

Rich Olszewski Firefighters and Company FCU
Thomas Newton Firefighters and Company FCU
Norm Essman Firefighters and Company FCU
Dave Schoenung Firefighters and Company FCU
Carol Middaugh Frost Financial Services

Dave Jezewski Community Star CU
John Radolec Community Star CU
Rick Nock Community Star CU
Heidi Matias Community Star CU
Kevin Clark Corporate One FCU

Nick Bleibtrey Sirius
Alec Flory Sirius
Tracy Johnson Sirius
Russ Nelson Sirius
Reyhan Sadaka Sirius

Christy Leslie Bridge CU
Brandynn Adams Bridge CU
Jarod Bach Bridge CU
Curtin Patrick Bridge CU
Bill Hann Parish FCU



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