Philosophy Day

Make more money with more philosophy

When: Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2018 | 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Where: BMI Federal Credit Union | 6165 Emerald Parkway, Dublin, OH 43016

Profit and philosophy aren’t at odds with one another. In fact, the more philosophically-positioned your credit union, the more income it will make. Guaranteed.

Your credit union has to be focused on the traditional bottom line of income, so chasing a “double bottom line” of income and member impact can be daunting. But what if one naturally causes the other? It’s proven that the most successful credit unions are those attuned to the double bottom line, driving revenue and providing working-class people with products and services that help them reach the next rung on the ladder of financial success.

Philosophy Day on Aug. 28, which will be anything but a “passive learning” experience, is completely focused on maximizing your credit union’s double bottom line of income and sustained impact. Get ready for a day of hands-on work, armed with custom analysis and information for your specific credit union and community. Are you ready to return to your credit union new product and service concepts in hand, ready to start implementing? You’ll spend the day incubating products and services directly relevant to your credit union and enhancing that double bottom line.

No matter where your credit union is on the spectrum of “thinking philosophically” when it comes to its products and services, there’s always room for the next step forward. Be a part of the 2018 Philosophy Day, a next-level product incubator experience; register today.

$109/person* (in honor of the number of years since the first U.S. credit union was founded)

  • Registration is complimentary for any CU Outreach Alliance Steering Committee members as part of their League-supported annual training.
  • Event proceeds will benefit the America’s Credit Union Museum, housed in the building where the first U.S. credit union was founded.



If you’re traveling from afar and plan to arrive the night before, the following are some hotels near the event location and convenient to the highway.

Staybridge Suites Columbus-Dublin | 6095 Emerald Parkway, Dublin, OH | (877) 238-8889

Holiday Inn Express Columbus-Dublin | 5500 Tuttle Crossing Blvd., Dublin, OH | (888) 465-4329

Agenda & Impact

Welcome & Introduction of Facilitators
We’re so glad you’re here and we want you to know the folks sparking the days work.

Philosophy Re-ignition
Fan the flames of your familiarity and thinking regarding the credit union difference for the day’s work.

Identifying Your Community’s Needs
Sure, you know your community. But when was the last time you were able to do an in-depth analysis? One specific to your credit union’s community will be handed to you, so you can hit the ground running in finding opportunities within it.


Philosophically-Driven Financials
Have you ever looked at your credit union’s financials through a philosophical lens? You will today and it will help you spot fresh opportunities for income and impact.

Philosophy In Action: Product Design
Time to put together opportunity and business model to start crafting products and services that will serve the double bottom line.


Philosophy In Action: Partnership Development
Now that you have drafted the architecture for some great products and services, let’s explore partners in your community that can help you launch them to your target audience




Mike Beall
Chief Strategic & Advocacy Officer, Credit Union Strategic Planning
(253) 200-0418, ext. 109 |

Mike is a passionate credit union and cooperative leader, advocate and innovator.

Mike was born into a credit union family. His mom and dad met at Agriculture FCU in the 1960s, and together these three have worked more than 100 total years in the movement. Mike spent more than 10 years working inside credit unions learning about members and how they own their credit union.

He was called to be a credit union advocate, lobbyist, and lawyer and was at ground zero in North Carolina at the league as the chief lobbyist during the fight to pass the Credit Union Membership Access Act and the first anti-payday lending law in the nation. Mike became a credit union development educator (CUDE) and has led efforts to develop credit unions in North Carolina, Maryland, and D.C., and well as Missouri, and in dozens of countries around the world through his work at the World Council of Credit Unions. Mike engineered the first multistate credit union league merger in Maryland and D.C.

Mike expanded to cooperatives in 2012 when he was asked to save the National Cooperative Business Association from financial and operational issues and returned the cross-sector cooperative association to profitability and growth.

Mike recently joined CU Strategic Planning, but he has a dynamic history of working with us. Starting in 2010 in his role as President/CEO of the Missouri Credit Union Association, Mike partnered with CU Strategic Planning to create Community Development Across Missouri which developed dozens of new credit union CDFIs and innovative products.

Two schnauzers, Ripley and Gatsby look out for Mike regardless of whether he is walking the halls of Congress or exploring the Coachella Valley in Palm Springs, California where he splits his time.

Jamie Chase Strayer
Founder, Credit Union Strategic Planning
(253) 200-0418, ext. 105 |

Jamie founded CU Strategic Planning in 2008. She develops innovative, effective lending programs to increase impacts and ROA. Her background as a former PBS producer and cooperative idealism aligned in her service as a past publicist for the World Council of Credit Unions and leadership resulting in national credit union underwriting of the PBS program BizKid$.

Jamie is one of several hundred Credit Union Development Educators and one of less than 100 with a prestigious international (ICUDE) designation.

She is a regular speaker at state and national credit union conferences, as well as the African-American Credit Union Coalition. Her research is published by the esteemed Filene Research Institute and featured in the Huffington Post.

Jamie’s passion for credit unions stems from her heritage in the historic cooperative village of Zoar, Ohio–considered to be the most successful cooperative society in America and designated as one of the 25 most significant historic places in the nation. Beyond her interests in all things cooperative and historical, Jamie is kept busy by her active household that includes her soulmate and husband, teenage son, baby daughter, three cats and one precocious chihuahua.

She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the Ohio State University.


Kimberly Connor
Director of Consumer Awareness, Ohio Credit Union League
(800) 486-2917, ext. 248 |

Kim Connor has been with the Ohio Credit Union League for eight years and is currently serving as the Consumer Awareness Director. She is responsible for all aspects of media and public relations to drive consumers to join credit unions and to maximize their credit union membership. She also coordinates fundraising for the Ohio Credit Union Foundation and organizes the League’s annual meeting, InVest48.

When she isn’t fighting for credit union awareness, she spends time working on home projects, discovering new cultures, and experiencing all the exciting festivals Columbus has to offer. She is a Certified Credit Union Development Educator and holds a degree in Organizational Communications from Otterbein University.  You can reach her at (800) 486-2917, ext. 248, or

Jose Ortiz

Business Consultant, OCUL Services Corporation (OSC)
(800) 486-2917, ext. 217 |

Jose helps Ohio’s credit unions grow by delivering various product solutions that empower credit unions to overcome obstacles and prosper. His advanced knowledge of the market and extensive relationships with his partners and Ohio’s credit unions put him in the best position to bring possibilities together.

Since joining the credit union movement in 1998, Jose’s experience also includes a variety of operational roles within BMI Federal Credit Union, Certification as a Credit Union Financial Counselor, and as a Credit Union Development Educator in November 2017.

Outside of his work with OSC he is married to an amazing woman whose planning, detail-oriented, reserved personality balances his exuberant, outgoing nature. Together they have three children, for whom he gets to be a pro-bono Uber driver, shuttling them from one sporting event to the next. In his free time, he loves to fish, especially fresh water, small-mouth bass.

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